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December 8, 2019
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PM announces multi-billion relief package for farmers

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister of Pakistan Miyaan Mohammad Nawaz Sharif Tuesday announce multi-billion-rupee relief package for farmers in Islamabad, TheNewsTribe.com reported.

While addressing to Kisan Convention in Islamabad, the PM unveiled the package which provides subsidy to farmers on fertilizers and pesticides and supporting them in different fields of agriculture sector following slump in commodity prices.

 “The package is part of government’s efforts to ensure growth in all sectors of economy and it is expected to ensure stability in prices of agriculture products,” the PM said.

“Farmers of rice & cotton will be given Rs 5000 cash per Acre,” said PM.

He further announced that government has bought Rs 101 Billion’s property for Bhasa Dam.

Earlier, the PM presided over a meeting of the federal cabinet that approved the package.