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December 14, 2019
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Pakistan Sindh

Three dacoits killed in police encounters in Sindh

SHIKARPUR: Three dacoits were killed on Wednesday in two police encounters in Shikarpur and Kandhkot, Disrricts of Sindh, Pakistan.

According to details, the first encounter took place in Shikarpur where dacoits were trying to kidnap three people along withier car in the site of Kot Shahu Police station, Shikarpur. trying to abduct them along with their car in the limit of Kot Shahu police station.

The dacoits were armed with lethal weapons and opened fire at police as soon as they were appeared into the scene. Police retaliated in the same kind and killed the main dacoit of Sindh, Khanu Mir Bahr.In retaliation by police party, notorious dacoit of Sindh, Khanu Mir Bahr was killed along with his accessory.

It is to kept in mind that Khanu was a absconder with head money worth one million rupees.

Moreover in the same time , another police encounter took place in area of Karampur, Kandhkot, in which a dacoit was killed and two others were arrested in wounded conditions.