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December 8, 2019
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Captain Asfandyar’s teacher pays him tribute in a letter

ATTOCK: Captain Asfandyar’s teacher wrote a letter for the martyred soldier, in a move to herald his sacrifice for Pakistan today.

Captain Asfandyar was martyred today, when he was valiantly leading the fight against 13 terrorists who had infiltrated Pakistan Air Force base in Badaber. A letter surfaced from his teacher, who taught Asfandyar in Cadet College Hassan Abdal, in which he paid rich tributes to the slain soldier.

Here’s how the letter went:-

My dear martyred son, Asfandyar Bukhari! I remember distinctly how you once gave me an essay titled “Boorhi Wagon” MRF college’s magazine. At the time, you were in class seven and I was much bigger than you. Asfandyar, I also remember the day both of us set foot in the cadet college together, you as a cadet and me as a teacher of the Urdu subject.

Captain Asfandyar

You were quite small and I was quite elder than you. Asfandyar, you were my student, quite mischevious yet an intelligent one. It was then that I noticed you had this sense of curiosity in you, you wanted to be something in life and a sense of innovation in you as well. You were then quite small and I was quite bigger than you.

Captain Asfandyar

Captain Asfandyar

Asfandyar, your essays used to get published in the college magazines each year and they were quite popular with the readers, who used to read them with great interest and intrigue. You joined Jinnah Champion Wing and became the Wing commander there and I was quite sure you would attain the role of Cadet Captain, but you had other aims and ambitions, my martyred son.

Captain Asfandyar

My dear son, you attained the Sword of Honour in Pakistan Army and we were able to hold our heads up high. But you had your struggles and aims in life my dear son. Now I understand what your aims and ambitions were, what all of your struggles were for. Now I understand my dear son, what your destination was. My dear son, today you are so much bigger than me and I am so much smaller than you.

This article was originally published in ARY NEWS