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December 11, 2019
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Funeral ceremony of Captain Isfand Yar held in Attock

ATTOCK – Funeral ceremony of Captain Isfand Yar held in his home town Attock on Saturday, Thenewstribe.com reported.

Funeral prayer of Captain Isfnad Yar held in Atoock. Military officers and famous political persons attend the funeral ceremony of Captain Isfand Yar.

Commander of Jinnah Wing Captain Isfandyar Bukhari embraced martyrdom during the ongoing operation against terrorists in Badaber camp Peshawar.

 Capt. Isfandyar was leading his troops from the front during the operation when he embraced martyrdom, said ISPR.

Isfandyar was passed out from PMA-118 long course. He was a brilliant cadet and received many awards during his cadet-ship.

He also played Hockey for Punjab’s under-19 team. A chess champion in college, and the president of the Biology Club.

He was a brave and intelligent young man with a bright future ahead of him. He gave his life for the country on Friday.