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December 13, 2019
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Zakia Jafri fights final battle in court against Modi for deadly Gujrat riots

NEW DELHI: Indian 76 year old woman, Zakia Jafri has started, may be the last legal battle to pin blame on Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for deadly disturbance that shivered Gujrat, Indian State, when he was chief minister, and claimed her husband’s life.

According to details, Indian Prime Minister denies any involvement in the 2002 Gujrat unrest, one of the worst eruption of religious violence in independent India. In 2013, a panel appointed by the Indian Supreme Court said there was insufficient evidence to prosecute him.

It was the third time that court has denied to progress the case.

Since then, the prime minister has made his international image as a hardline Hindu nationalist, adopted the mantle of progressive economic reformer and won a landslide election in 2014 and earned a place at the high table of global leaders.

His government has also cracked down on NGOs and rights workers, including activist Teesta Setalvad, who has been helping old woman Zakia gather evidence to overturn previous court rulings in Modi’s favour and bring him to trial.

But nothing has deterred Zakia, whose late husband, a lawmaker for the Congress party now in opposition, was shot dead by a Hindu mob in riots that killed at least 1,000 people.

She said “It is against those who created the situation for the foot soldiers to get provoked and enabled them to operate. It is against Modi.”