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December 11, 2019
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ISPR conducts interview with the mothers of few Pakistan Army martyrs

ISLAMABAD:  History of Pakistan is full of uncountable sacrifices of its true national heroes for defending their homeland since Pakistan came into being.

Pakistan, since its very earlier times has been facing huge bunch of challenges by its enemies , but none of the enemies have ever succeeded in overtaking Pakistan although they were planning to uproot it since the time it came into being.

Because the thing they have always forgotten before attacking Pakistan or planning against it was that the Pakistan’s tigers are guarding its frontiers and protecting it by the grace of ALLAH. They will never let the enemies enter the pure land of TIGERS.

They awake long nights so that their nation can sleep tight, they gave their lives so that nation can progress, they are martyred and now everyone is proud of them.

They are  no ordinary people guarding the frontiers of Pakistan. they are special, special in their thoughts, action, living, rules, priorities, love for their land and special in their strength & bravery.

Here is the interview of some mothers of Pakistani tigers who gave their life to defend Pakistan, conducted by Inter Services Public Relations.

They are special, they are best, they are superior and they are matchless.

Interviews of Mothers of Martyrs

Posted by ISPR Official on Tuesday, September 22, 2015