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December 12, 2019
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Manager Lahore Lions holds Ahmed Shehzad responsible for defeat

LAHORE: The manager star-studded Lahore Lions (Lahore Region whites) has made some shocking revelations before inquiry Commission about the reasons of Lahore’s Whites probably the worst performance in domestic circuit.

Shafiq Ahmed told inquiry commission that the real reason behind bad performance of the team was star cricketer’s irresponsible behavior.

He blamed that autocracy of senior players of the team led to unexpected defeats in the tournament.

Manager Lahore Lions told commission that contrary to rules, most senior cricketers used to stay out for the major part of nights.

He also said that Azhar Ali as a captain was a weak character and failed to manage team properly.

He opposed the decision of making Azhar Ali the captain.

Shafiq said Ahmed Shehzad was most stubborn and irresponsible during the tournament.

He claimed that Shehzad used to sit pavilion and make fun of captain and other senior players of the team.