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December 10, 2019
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Twitter: Who is the most popular politician after Obama?

LONDON: It is now a common phenomenon that US president Barack Hossain Obama is the most popular and most followed politician on twitter, but can you guess who is his successor?

The answer will shock you!

Yes, Indian Prime Minister who was once listed as most stupid PM of the world by Google has now reached 15 million followers on twitter to become second most famous politician in the world.

Obama remains on the top with 64 million followers.

Main difference between both leaders is that Modi has its followers’ roots from India while Obama’s followers are from different parts of the globe.

Though Modi has an ugly past with Gujra riots and Samjhota Express massacre in his credit, his PM-ship and being too active on social media has brought him to this place.

Another interesting fact is that despite 15 million followers, he is not on the top of the list in India, as Actor Amitabh Bachan with 17 million and Shah Rukh Khan 15.5 million users are still ahead.