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December 13, 2019
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DUBAI: Crown Prince’s poem for his brother, Sheikh Rashid bin Mohammed

DUBAI: Crown Prince of Dubai, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed wrote an emotional poem mourning the loss of his older brother, Sheikh Rashid bin Mohammed, who died on Saturday of a sudden heart attack at age 33.

The poem was shared by thousands of people on social media, where it was first posted.

Sheikh Hamdan, well-known for his lyrical art and oratorical skills, recorded the poem and shared it in audio format on Twitter, where it touched the hearts of many listeners. Listen to it here.

The poem, titled My Brother:

The Word, attempted to paint a picture of the indescribably tragic loss the young sheikh felt. Sometimes tears are the only expression one has when they are at a loss for words, he said at the start of the poem, addressing the tears of his weeping nephew, Ahmed.

Sheikh Hamdan expressed his sadness and loss, and wished nothing but to be able to give his time and share it with his brother, to see him alive again to tell him how much he means to him and everyone else.

In the poem, Sheikh Hamdan also expressed his daily struggle having to hide his emotions, hardening his heart around people only to fall apart when alone confronted by the gravity of the pain he felt.

Places the young sheikhs frequented held the fondest of memories but all served as reminders of the loss endured.

The poem was written in a colloquial form of Arabic, known as Nabati poetry – also referred to as the people’s poetry or the Bedouin’s poetry – and it gave all the sentiments a deeper meaning that resonated with many.

Sheikh Hamdan compared brothers with friends. Friends are greatly esteemed but can turn on you and sell you – but a brother cannot, for it is a relationship that was never bought, he said in one verse.

Sheikh Hamdan gushed over the words “my brother”, which he longed to hear from his lost brother. They are the two most beautiful words one ever hears, he repeated in his recital.

Before him, we lost soldiers who sacrificed themselves and today, we have only God to give us the strength to endure his passing, he said, concluding the poem.

Listeners described how they were touched by the words of Sheikh Hamdan.

“I was drawn to tears at the emotions carried in the poem and Sheikh Hamdan’s voice,” said Chaltham Mohamed, an Emirati artist in Abu Dhabi.

“We all expect to lose a loved one at some point but we’re never prepared for it.

“Sheikh Hamdan walked us through his struggle and stages of grief in an honest, raw and emotional way that took a lot of courage. It’s evident to see how much he loved his brother.”

Noura Al Shamsi, 21, a university student, also lost her brother at a young age, and said she could relate to Sheikh Hamdan’s poem. “Losing a brother comes wholly unexpectedly and changes the landscape of your world. We all mourn Sheikh Rashid and feel his pain,” said Ms Al Shamsi.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President and Ruler of Dubai, on Tuesday continued to receive condolences from dignitaries and officials around the region, including Saudi deputy crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, for the loss of his son.

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This article originally appeared in The National

ـ ـ « كـلـمـة أخـي » ـ ـ سـالـت دمـوع احـمـد حفـيد اللي لهم طيبٍ وجاه قـلـت الـدمـوع تـتـرجـم اللـي مـسـتحـيـل يترجمه ـ ـ هـاجـوس شـاعـر لـو تـنـاقـل شـعـره كبار الرواه بـعـض الـمـواقف يستحي عن وصفها حبر قلمه ـ ـ والله يــا احمـد لـو تعـرف الصـدر هـذا وش وراه ورآه حـــزنٍ لــو بـغـيـت أكـتـمه وشـلـون أكـتـمـه ـ ـ حزني عـلى راشـد هـو أغـلـى حزن وآنا من نباه الطـيـب أوصـيـت الـعـيـون انـهـا بـدمـعـي تكرمه ـ ـ لـو الـحـزن يـقـدر يـردّه مـا ذخـر جـفـنـي بـكـاه حزنت لين الشمس تصبـح في عـيـونـي مظـلـمـه ـ ـ لـو آتـمـنّـى شي مـن دنـيا الـفـنـا كـان الــمـنـاه إن الـعـمر يـقـسـم مـا بـيـن اثـنـين حتى أقـسمه ـ ـ واعـطـيــه نـصـف العمر واشوفه على قيد الحياه واعـلّـمــه وش كـبـر قـدره فـي الـصـدر واعـلّـمــه ـ ـ إنّـه هـنـا فـي الـقـلـب لـيـن الـعمر ياصل منتهاه وانّـي أحــارب حــزنـي بـذكـره وطـيـبـه واهـزمـه ـ ـ أهـزمه قـدّام الـعرب واتـحسّب ان قلبـي حـصـاه وان صـرت بـلـحـالي كـوى كبدي بحامي ميسمه ـ ـ وأحـس بـالـكـيّـه فـي وسط الـقـلـب من كل اتجاه أكـابــر بـعــزّه ونـفــسـي لـلـحــزن مـسـتــسـلـمه ـ ـ فـي كـل دارٍ زرتـهـا لـي أطـيـب الـذكـرى مـعـاه لـكـنّـهـا صــارت بــعــد فـرقــاه ذكــرى مـؤلــمــه ـ ـ واللي يـفـاخــر بـيـن خـلـق الله بـكـثـرة أصـدقـاه إن كان مـا يـفـهــم مـصـيـر الـنـايـبـات تـفـهّـمــه ـ ـ والـنـعـم فـي الـصـاحـب لـكـن الأخ يفرق مستواه عـن مـسـتـوى صـديـقـك اللي يحشمك أو تحشمه ـ ـ الصـاحـب فـ لحـظـة غـضبه يضيع طيبه في رداه يـبــيـع حـبّـه بـارخــص الأثـمـان مـهـمـا تـخـدمـه ـ ـ وأخـوك مـا يـقــدر يـبـيـعـه لأنّــه اصـلا ما شــراه خُـلــق وحـبّـك وسـط خـفّـاقـه ويـجـري فـي دمـــه ـ ـ يـزعـل لـكـن لا قـلـت له يا اخوي يحتضنك رضاه دائـم أحــاســيـس الأخــوّه بالـمحـبّـه تــلــهـــمــه ـ ـ كـلـمـة أخي من فم أخي أجمل ما تنطقه الشفاه لأنّــه مـنـبــعـهـا خــفــوقـه قــبـل يـنـطــقـهـا فـمـه ـ ـ لـيـت الـقـبـر يـعـرف مـقـام اللـي دفـنّـا فـي ثـراه يـا مـااعـظـمـه حـيٍّ وهـو مـيّـت بـعد يا مااعظمه ـ ـ ما عاد لك يا احمد ولا لي غير ندعي في الصلاه ونـقـول يـا راحـم عـبـيـدك مـن عـذابــك تـعـصـمـه ـ ـ قـبـلـه جـنـود بـلادنـا ضـحـوا لـجـل تـذعـن عــداه ألله يــصــبّـــرنـــا عــلــى فــرقــاه والله يــرحــمـــه ـ ـ رابط القصيدة المسجلة موجود في الملف الشخصي ?

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