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December 12, 2019
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Pakistan will not tolerate wall building on WB: Aizaz Chaudhry

NEW YORK: Foreign Secretary of Pakistan Aizaz Chaudhry has said Pakistan will not tolerate over the wall that India is building on the Working Boundary.

While talking to press conference along with with pakistani Ambassador in America Maliha Lodhi he said India will violate the agreement with Pakistan if she build a wall there as it was very clear in the agreement that no entity will build any sort of building and wall at Line of Control (LoC) and Working Boundary (WB).

He said we will raise the issue of Indian aggression at every international forum as Pakistan is fighting to kill the terrorism but India is continuously violating the Loc and WB.

While Maliha Lodhi told media that Pakistan has written another letter to Ban Ki Moon, General Secretary of United Nations, over current Indian aggression.