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December 12, 2019
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Mahira Khan floors fans by mopping the stage

LAHORE: Top Pakistani actress Mahira Khan floored her fans with a recent upload at her official Instagram account in which she can be seen mopping the stage.

In her latest Instagram post, wearing a skirt and with high heels, Mahira can be seen the actor is seen mopping the stage.

Diva is busy in shooting for  her upcoming film Ho Mann Jahaan, as the stage got messi, she took no time make things right.

While Mahira is seen mopping the floor, her co-star Sheheryar Munawar tries to be a gentleman by taking the mop away.

But diva refuses to give it away to Sherry (whom she calls Munna) the mop.

Munnay, you are such a gentleman! #homannjahann #bts @sheheryarmunawar @asimrazatvf

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Sherry grins sheepishly and then in good humour points towards a spot she missed.

While some dubbed her ‘Cinderella’, Mahira’s fans responded to the video with utmost affection, and many were in awe of her oh-so-natural side of her. Some even said that they couldn’t “believe their eyes as to how she did it in heels while one can’t even do this barefoot!”

The actor, who is loved for not caring about her superstardom, once shared on Tonite with HSY that she believed in the value of struggle and never forgot her humble beginnings because “kabhi mop bhi tou pakra tha.”

Real or reel world, it seems Mahira can surely sweep anyone off her feet by just being herself..