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November 18, 2019
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Five reasons you should take less shower

Here is why you should not take frequent shower,

You’re not as dirty as you think

Daily showers are best for people with physically demanding jobs, those who live in hot, humid climates, or people prone to sweating. But if you don’t sweat that often, you could probably go two to three days without stepping into the shower.

It’s making your skin itchy, red, and dry

Your skin, the body’s largest organ, serves a critical immune function as your body’s protective barrier. Showering too often, especially during cold, dry winter months, weakens this barrier and makes your skin more vulnerable to irritation.

Towel drying also takes a toll on your skin

Drying off with a towel can further aggravate your delicate birthday suit. It’s best to air dry, according to HowStuffWorks.com, but if that takes too long or you don’t like leaving wet foot prints all over the house, use a soft towel and gently pat your skin dry instead of vigorously rubbing it.

Showering gets rid of good bacteria

Right now, your skin is teeming with good bacteria, but showering launches these microbes into the air. They’ll repopulate, but there’s no good reason to get rid of them on a daily basis, according to this blog post on PLOS.org.

You’re making your hair frizz

Fine hair can withstand daily washing, but those with thick, dry, curly, or textured hair may be prone to breaking and frizz if you lather up too often. Shampoo traps oils, so if you do it too frequently, you may dry your hair out, leaving it prone to breakage.