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November 16, 2019
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Ten crazy facts about Japan

From food recipes to inventions, everything about Japan is crazy. Here are a few facts about Japan that are even crazier,

There’s an entire island in Japan dedicated to rabbits which is a famous tourist attraction. The bunnies are friendly and tourists love having them crawl around everywhere.

Farmers grow watermelons in square shape so that they are easy to store.

Masabumi Hosono, Japanese citizen who survived the drowning of the Titanic was labeled a coward because he didn’t go down with the other passengers.

In Japan, sleeping on the job is considered as a sign of working too hard. They are also allowed 30 minute break sessions in the afternoon to take small naps.

There are no janitors in school. Teachers and students clean the school together.

People eat KFC on Christmas Eve. It’s a tradition and sometimes they pre-order buckets of KFC chicken months in advance.

90% smartphones are waterproof. This is because the Japanese people mostly use their phones while taking a shower.

No street names. For some weird reasons, streets aren’t named in Japan.

The Crying Sumo Contest, where sumo wrestlers compete against each other to see who makes a baby cry first.

Godzilla was recently made the citizen of Japan and was also appointed the brand ambassador for tourism in Shinjuku.