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November 18, 2019
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Five anti-aging errors women make everyday

To age is a natural factor, but is quite stressful for women if its signs get displayed on our face.

So they anxiously take measures to prevent it and some get so desperate in this regard that they go for steps like Botox, uplifts and other kinds of surgeries. But some precautionary measures can be more effective than these treatments. Here are a few of these.

Not Using Sun Screen

UV rays are a major reason for skin damage, namely photo-aging, the wrinkling, spotting and loss of elasticity caused by exposure to sun. Photo-aging is not part of the natural aging process and can be largely avoided by making a broad-spectrum sunscreen, with an SPF of 15 to 30, part of your daily routine all year round.

Not Using an Eye Cream

Eye creams are a very effective way of preventing crow’s feet and wrinkles from an early age. A good brand eye cream should be added to the night routine of everyone over the age of 20, as the fine lines appear around the eyes earlier than the rest.

Avoiding Your Neck Region

The area around the chest and neck lack the oil glands present in the skin of your face. This oil helps reduce over drying of skin and keeps it smooth and supple. Most women neglect to moisturize their neck and chest that leads to the development of wrinkles on the neck and cleavage due to over drying.

Avoiding Exercise

It is true that our metabolism decreases as we age, making it difficult to lose weight. However, this must not be taken as a reason to forego of all exercise completely. Exercise is not only important for shedding few pounds, but is also very good for a healthy lifestyle. By exerting yourself you keep your body ‘in-shape’ ensuring that nothing is left unused for too long. Yoga and meditating outdoors can help your skin breathe, making it more fresh and radiant.

Excessive Salt Intake

Salt has many names and sneaks into our lives in many forms. When taken in excess, it raises our blood pressure, causes our ankles to swell and creates deep wells under our eyes. It is, however, important to note that salt intake is important to maintain the electrolyte balance in the body. Therefore, it should be taken in moderation.