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November 18, 2019
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Brighter side of world’s horrible dictators

These dictators have always been the target of world’s wrath for their cruelty and tyranny. But they have done some amazing things which surprise a person regarding where they came from.

Here are a few amazing things done by world’s most horrible men,

Iraq had free hospital visits under Saddam Hussein’s rule

Saddam had a murkier human rights record. He had committed genocide by killing thousands of innocents in the Kurdish province.

But he was a very big champion of education. Primary school enrollment was 100%, and he had started a literacy program in Iraq, aimed at making the whole population literate.

Hitler hailed a public campaign to ban smoking completely

Hitler may have had it in for Jews, but turns out, he had the same problem about smoking too. He wanted it gone for the same reasons, the Aryan super race.

His ideology believed that smoking would corrupt the “pure” Aryan bodies the Germans possessed at the time.

Regardless of the intention, the campaign is an inspiration to most of the public anti-smoking campaigns of recent times.

Kim Jong II wrote operas that are popular in China

It could be just plain fabrication, since it is coming out of North Korea, but Kim Jon II composed operas that have been very popular in China.

He also has written a book on it called The Art Of Opera.

Mao wrote poetry, and also no country invaded China after that

Not many accuse him of genocide, but Mao Zedong was responsible for millions of deaths, just like Stalin and Hitler. Mao also had people killed who didn’t believe in his ideology.

But inside this genocidal exterior was a poet and a reformer. He wrote many beautiful poems and reformed a war-torn China into the powerhouse it is today.

Stalin wrote poetry too

Stalin also committed genocide and had millions killed, just because their ideologies didn’t match his own. But he did write beautiful poetry, and since poetry is the food for the soul, it is optimistic to assume that he had a sliver of goodness in his heart.

Libya, under Gaddafi’s rule, had free healthcare, free education, free housing, and no national debt

Libya was well-off under him back then, even though his human rights violations were gruesome. He also dramatically improved Libya’s literacy rates.

He also had a big crush on the former US Secretary Of State Condoleezza Rice. When his personal belongings were confiscated, they found a whole scrapbook with pictures of her and lovey-dovey messages inside them.