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November 15, 2019
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Is Johnson & Johnson harmful for your baby?

Nobody imagined that ‘no more tears’ will make it a tearful journey for parents. 

This shampoo made by Johnson and Johnson has been alleged to contain formaldehyde which is reported to cause cancer and is quite poisonous.

Formaldehyde has been known for its use in embalming dead bodies. A research concluded the presence of formaldehyde in the products and what dangers it possibly carries with it.

Formaldehyde is highly flammable and has a very strong odor.

It is in a liquid form and is usually used in many different products like building materials, cleaning solutions, glue, paper products and fabrics.

It is known to have anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and disinfectant characteristics.

The question that still haunts is the relation between formaldehyde and cancer.

Though, the long term research hasn’t been finished, there are signs that show it has cancer causing agents.

There are a few signs that show it has carcinogen or cancer causing agents. It is marked by the US Government as carcinogen.

The EPA marked it as a cancer causing agent back in 1987. And there are many more researches that prove it to be having cancer causing properties in both mice and humans.So, it is clear that formaldehyde is a strong carcinogenic agent.

The company states that the level of formaldehyde isn’t big enough to be harmful to the babies. But they haven’t even denied its presence.

The company mentions that they have removed the use of formaldehyde but have they?

It’s suspicious because if they had formula to create the products without the use of formaldehyde than why didn’t they eliminate it way back? The question doesn’t end here. If they are risking tens of million dollars to make the necessary changes. Then why aren’t the other cosmetic companies following the rule of eliminating!