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November 14, 2019
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This is why washing your face in shower is a bad idea

You should not wash your face in shower, you really should not. Here are a reasons for it,

You cannot set a perfect temperature for your shower

Experts say that constantly changing temperature variations can harm the sensitive skin on your body. Leading dermatologists suggest splashing cold water for washing your face, and to do it at the sink, since you wouldn’t like cold water for the entire body shower.

Hot water

Studies have shown that since the skin on our faces is different and more sensitive than that on our bodies, it may not take to hot water well. Hot water on your face might give you comfort and open up your pores for better cleansing, but it leaves your face dehydrated and dry for the rest of the day.

Body soap is for the body, literally. Not for the face.

Bar soap, or the ones which we usually use to clean our bodies, is too drying and our facial skin cannot handle it. It screws up the pH balance of the skin and can lead to breakouts, dehydration, and constant irritation during the day. The delicate skin of your face is designed to handle gentler products and chemicals, hence the advent of face washes.

Too much water and extra pressure of the shower

Washing your face in the shower means that the water will be coming at your face first, and the most. This means that the force will be borne by your face and also that your face will have water on it throughout the shower. Ironically, the more the water on your face, the more dehydrated your face will become, according to leading dermatologists. Hence, just a few splashes of handfuls of cold water for your face is all you need.