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November 21, 2019
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JI’s aim behind ‘Corruption Free Pakistan’ campaign

LAHORE: LAHORE: The Jamaat-e-Islami (JI), one of the mainstream political parties in Pakistan, has announced to start a campaign ‘Corruption Free Pakistan’ in the country.

In first sight, it seems another movement to take political mileage and to attract voters prior to next general elections. But the JI Chief Senator Sirajul Haq has strong argument for the initiative.

Speaking to a media at party headquarters in Lahore, he said the law and order, inflation, unemployment and poverty are the fruits of corruption.

“Corrupt system not only affecting us in social terms but it also violating the constitutional privileges and rights of a common man,” he said and added, “the beast of corruption converting our poor into a poorest and our richer into a richest, even our daily lives are on the stake.”

Despite having all natural resources and talent, we feel ourselves a group of helpless and hopeless people which is not our choice, he said.

He said that Pakistanis as a nation want to get rid of the corruption and the JI is ready to play its role to bring the change.

JI’s aim behind ‘Corruption Free Pakistan’ campaign | TheNewsTribe.comTo a query, he said the corrupt elements in politics and bureaucracy continue nurturing corruption and both are  united to protect their interests.

“Institutions established to eliminate corruption from the country and Judiciary, covering up the evil and playing facilitator role instead of doing their jobs,” said Haq.


Hum Corruption Free Pakistan Tehreek Keun Chala Rahe Hain – Senator Siraj ul Haq by JIP Official