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November 15, 2019
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See what time you get up says about you

It’s true. The time you go to bed, the time you wake up and the way you sleep says a lot about your personality.

So what does your hour of awakening say about you? Let’s find out.

4 am or earlier

You are pretty much stressed out in life. You are probably working a job that you hate but you need to provide for food, shelter, electricity and other bills so you gotta continue. You’re just waiting for that one lucky moment you could win a lottery and say goodbye to that devil boss of yours.

5 am

You are trying to tough it out and be sincere when it comes to your job even though the schedule makes you crazy. Most of your day depends on the level of caffeine consumed and you don’t remember a day when you ‘took it easy’.

6 am

You’re probably one of the disciplined lot. Even if your work schedule doesn’t start till later, you like to have a fresh start to your working by a good gym, yoga or meditation class routine. It’s a good thing. It means you give time for yourself as much as you give priority to your work.

7 am

You’re one of those people who rise early even though your day doesn’t start till about 2-3 hours later. You are methodical and organized. You understand that it would take time to do your makeup, hair and other routines so you wake up couple hours before so that everything is completed on time.

8 am

You belong to the 9-5 job category. Your life seems to be monotonous and pretty dull. You often find that because of your job stress and work load, you aren’t able to give enough time to your family or social life.

9 am

You’re probably also employed in a 40 hour week gig but you try to sweat it out by snoozing the alarm clock at least twice before waking up. Your day goes on in complaining about how much your job sucks and how cool it would be to go backpacking with some friends to the Himalayas.

10 am

You’re one of those creative night owls who doesn’t sleep till about 2-3am and hence 10 am rising becomes pretty much a necessity. Although, it’s not bad to wake up at 10 am giving that your creative levels rise up as the sun goes down. Make sure you are completing your work by the late hours of the night and don’t just stay up for nothingness.

11 am

If you wake up around 11 am on most days, you probably work night shifts. If that’s the case, then it’s alright to wake up past 11 am on weekdays.

12 noon

You’ve accepted your relationship with the dark and find yourself with 5 am shenanigans pretty often. You tend to binge watch tv shows, eat junk food and read a lot of books during the late hours and clearly, you love that about yourself.

1 pm or later

Well, you’ve got to get your life straight