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October 20, 2019
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McDonald’s using Human meat in snacks

OKLAHOMA, UNITED STATES: McDonald’s is reported to be using horse meat and also human meat in its snacks. Human meat is spotted at the McDonald’s meat factory.

The food inspectors have made a shocking discovery in the McDonald’s meat factory of Oklahoma as well as other McDonald’s meat factories of the world. 90% of the McDonald’s meat factory was found using human meat.

According to the report of the food inspector, human meat tops the list of the mystery ingredients used at McDonald’s.

Recently an audio tape went viral in which an employee of McD claimed that the restaurant is surely using ‘Human Meat’ in its food processing centers.

This report has affected the integrity of McDonald’s to a great extent.

The report is supported by the fact that McDonald’s has already been charged of using worm meat fillers in the past.

Investigation was carried out by the Quality Control Inspectors in Oklahoma City.

The inspectors have found that both human and horse meat is used in McDonald’s meat factory.

Also, 65% of the McD outlets were found to be using horse flesh.

At the same time, human meat was also found in the trucks outside the factory which was meant to be delivered at the McDonald’s outlets.

Cannibalism in humanity had been practiced for thousands of years.

FBI agent Lloyd Harrison explained, “The worst part of it is, that not only it is ‘Human meat’, it’s child meat. The body parts were found across USA factories and were deemed too small to be adult body parts. This is truly horrible.”

Cannibalism has been witnessed in US also for a couple of times.

It was reported for the first time in 2013 when a North Korean man was charged for killing his own kids to feed on them.

Currently, further investigation is taking place at all McDs in the US.

This dangerous story will make the happy meal lovers to think twice before stepping at McD.