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October 20, 2019
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Four health misconceptions about food

Eating healthy is becoming more and more confusing with the passage of time. There are several beliefs about healthy eating that are claimed by nutritionists as misconception. Here are a few of these,

Smoothies or juice

One of the biggest health craze going on right now is in liquid form. You know, those expensive and refreshing juices and smoothies.

When you juice a fruit you say good bye to fiber and cause a spike in blood sugars and insulin levels. So, just eat fruit its skin still on.

Flavored yogurt

Flavored yogurt is a popular snack for both adults and children. What is the problem with it? The amount of added sugar which does not need any further detail for what the problem is. Instead, purchase plain yogurt and sweeten it up with honey or maple syrup.

Chicken cooked in restaurants

When we think of healthy protein, chicken often comes to mind. When eating out at restaurants those chicken dishes could possibly be loaded with calories from being cooked in large amounts of butter and oil and accessorized with lots of salt and cream.

Energy Bars

When you’re in a rush, you’re probably tempted to grab one of the many varieties of energy bars to keep you full.

But just like candy bars, these energy bars often have a chocolate or yogurt coating (think Special K) and contain a ton of chemicals and artificial sweeteners. And they don’t even make up for it with enough minerals and vitamins. Instead, the best snack options are fresh fruits, raw nuts and natural nut butters.