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October 20, 2019
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Five food myths you should not believe

You are frequently told that some food is good while the other is bad but make sure it is verified from an expert or doctor. Here are a few myths you should not believe,

Eggs are bad for heart

Research has proved that eggs have nothing to do with high cholesterol levels. Rather they keep a check on the saturated fat as they are a source of crucial nutrients like zinc, iron, vitamin D and choline. But moderation is the key in this regard. Furthermore, have boiled eggs instead of eating oily omelet.

Less carbs are healthy

Less carbs are not good, rather you should go for healthy carbs. You can safely eat whole grains, which are important as they reduce the chances of getting heart diseases. Whole grains also help in reducing body weight, so don’t say no to all carbs completely.

Go for fat free foods

Fat free works better when you are having raw, unprocessed edible food products. However, in the case of packaged foods, remember you will find sugar or salt added to it instead of fats. The artificial flavors are as bad and unhealthy, so instead opt for whole foods with healthy fats.

Olive oil cannot be used for cooking

It is a steady oil which can be used to cook but without burning it. And as such if you are worried about your health, you will avoid deep frying.

Nuts are also junk

There is nothing wrong in eating nuts as a mid-meal snack since they are an excellent source of protein and other useful nutrients. Just be careful and take only a handful; don’t overload yourself with it. A regular intake of nuts in fact might just protect you against heart disease.