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December 9, 2019
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Selfies will be your password, says MasterCard

LONDON: MasterCard has decided to make user’s selfies their passwords in a move to make it easier and safer.

MasterCards say they have already double bio-metric checked in US and Netherlands, soon the company is going to launch them in UK.

Replacing a password has always been a challenge for security companies, for they are often forgotten, sometimes stolen, hacked and misused by the felons.

MasterCard thinks unlike passwords facial features and fingerprints can’t easily be stolen, forgotten, hacked or abused, and they are right. With this in regards, the company has announced the customers will soon be able to replace their passwords with selfies and fingerprint to make payments online.

On Feb. 23, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the payment processing companies confirmed its new bio-metric angle to two-factor authentication.

Ann Cairns, head of international markets for MasterCard, told CNBC that the double bio-metric checks already have been tested in the U.S. and the Netherlands. She said the company will be launching them in the U.K. soon.

“If you think about some of the things we’ve rolled out in some emerging markets, in places like Africa, where people don’t have identities because they don’t maybe have passports or driving licenses, then bio-metric authentication is a way of saying ‘I’m me’,” Cairns said.

Bio-metric security checks are already in market including facial recognition, fingerprint and corneas scans. Checking costumers heartbeat, using wearable gadgets such as smartwatches, is also being tested.

According so survey the company took, 53% shoppers forget the password at least once a week and most of the time leave their online purchases while resetting their password.