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December 12, 2019
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Aamir Liaquat apologies to Taher Shah

KARACHI:  As we all remember that famous Ramadan-specialist anchor Aamir Liaqat insulted viral sensation Taher Shah two years back on his Ramadan Transmission.

Well, the singer was invited on the show once again by Aamir Liaqat, but this time for apology.

When Aamir Liaqat made an entrance in the show, he was donning a blue Angle-Like gown and wings, with Taher Shah’s Angel playing in the background.

He said to Taher, “Today, I am wearing your beautiful Angel dress, and I would like to tell the whole world that it is very easy to make fun of someone, to mock someone, but there are very few people who spread happiness and Taher Shah is one of those who has spread happiness amongst us all.”

“He has made Pakistan proud… when his song was released, the whole world didn’t just listen to it, but also appreciated it,” he added.

We guess Aamir bhai realised it isn’t a good idea to mess with an angel in Ramadan.

The story originally appeared in Tribune