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December 16, 2019
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Whatsapp users would be able to share GIFs soon

LONDON: Unlike plain emotionless text and passionless Emojis, Graphics Interchange Format (GIFs) communicate effectively, not only  by words, but, by emotions as well.

In the new update of Whatsapp there is a support for GIF animations that will show and play GIFs that you share into chat, TheNewsGlobal reported.

This feature is noted by @WABbetaInfo, that trails the changes in Whatsapp beta updates. According to the account the version will let you share GIF from your device but won’t play it. Whatsapp will embed GIF from the links into conversation and will play it as well, However, apparently it’s only gonna work with GIFs links.

But if becomes able to share the GIFs from the device there are tons of software where you can create your GIFs animations such as Photoscape, GifApp, Microsoft Gif Animator, Xylem’s studio AnimateGif, GiftedMotion, SSuite Animator, and online gif animator.

But online GIF animators are best because they are going to provide you the link that you can share on the messenger.