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December 8, 2019
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Karachi Journalist’s extortion-demanding recording leaked!

ISLAMABAD: After since MQM’s arrested target killer Minhaj Qazi opened up in his JIT about the Karachi journalists who were involved in assisting terrorists and target killers, people who suffered journalists’ blackmailing, are now directly sending the evidences to Law Enforcers.

A TheNewsTribe.com staff reporter received a recording of this kind which alleged journalist calls that man who introduced himself as TV channel Samaa’s employee, asking for Rs 25, 00,000 extortion money or else he will leak all the details regarding the man [phone receiver’s] business on TV.

“Hello… Move your vehicle!”

 “Yes, Abdullah bhai, how are you?”

“Yes, I am fine, who are you?”



“Yes, brother, my name is …. I am from Samaa TV.”

“Oh, sir, sir, sir… How are you brother?”

“I’m fine too, why haven’t you sent ‘Monthly (extortion)’ so far?”

“You haven’t met me yet so far brother.”

“How much have you pay me so far?”

“One less than Rs 2 crores.”

“What? You have paid me Rs 2 crores?”

“Yes sir, what do you want sir?”

“I want Rs 25, 00, 000 by tonight. Provide me (the money) tonight or by tomorrow morning. I have got numbers of your Johar Plotting. I have been in dark about what has been going on, but enough is enough. “…..” and on my name, many people have been fooling and looting you, which is sad. This isone thing and the other thing is that, I have received all the information about what have you been doing Johar Town with Qayyoom bhai. Putting friendship aside, Abdullah bhai, everything has it limits. We gave your project coverage on our channel, and we have been fooled for months. I don’t care if you tell Bilal bhai tht “….” has asked Rs 25 lacs from you, but, if, I didn’t get the money by tonight, your whole story will run on “BREAKING” in tomorrow’s bulletin. I have received all the footages and contact numbers as well. I am gonna break them all by tomorrow!

Okay, Allah Hafiz!”

Karachi Journalist call for Monthly and Extortion demand by Wishtehar