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December 9, 2019
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What Amjad Sabri said to murderers before death?

KARACHI: Saleem alias Chanda, who was in the car with Amjad Sabri when it came under attack, reveals the last words Amjad Sabri said to his murderers.

According to available information to TheNewsTribe.com, Saleem told media that two gunmen on Motorcycle attacked the car from the right side, and then they opened fire from the front which broke the wind screen of the of the car.

On this occasion, Amjad Sabri screamed “Why you want to kill me? “I have a family and young children.”

It is pertinent to mention here that Amjad Sabri was assassinated last afternon near Lalu Khait number 10, in the area of Liaqatabad.

HE has been buried in the Paposh Nagar Grave Yard alongside his father’s grave.

What Amjad Sabri said to attacker before his… by vidzdotcom