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December 10, 2019
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Child abuse: Is it too late? Perhaps not

Logging into my Facebook account, scrolling down my news-feed and somewhere seeing a post that not only shocked me but for a certain period of time made me lose faith in humanity. It exists but where? The dreadful child abuse case took place in history of Pakistan. Dreadful! Where every single young girl and boy was raped in Kasur village of Punjab. Families are raped, hearts are raped and souls are raped. For a few minutes I was devastated. Many questions arose in my mind. Why not protest? Where is media? Why not people are voicing against this shameful brutality? Which level of humanity we have reached? Oh wait a second. “Humanity” a word or a joke?

It’s shocking to know that every second person you are talking to, especially a girl has gone through sexual harassment at least once in their childhood. Either in school, shopping centers, parks or even in family. You open up a newspaper, turn on television or log in your Facebook or twitter account or any other social web and you will see a child sexual assault case. A massive percentage of those children are involved who travel alone and do not have strong financial background, beggars, and children living in orphanage or such residential institutions. In most of the cases young girls are humiliated. Another disquieting and painful reality is that not only illiterate or psychic people are culprits but well-educated and highly-ranked are indulged too in this shameless act. And the most distressing truth is that many of them are set free. They are roaming around us, enjoying their lives and destroying others’ lives. Oh yes they are allowed to do so as they have “contacts”, political backgrounds and enough money to buy people’s lives.

Our children suffer, they are physically and mentally tortured and at the end of the day they are kept silent. I want to ask this question to every family affected. Why you keep your children silent? For the sake of so called respect or the fear of threats? And one thing that I want to covey. The only hope for a child who has gone through this disgusting phase is his family. The criminal has sexually assaulted your child but your silence will kill his soul. We have seen the massacre of humanity in Kasur where children are abused, tormented, raped, murdered, young girls are forced into prostitution. Their videos are made and sold not only in Pakistan but abroad too. Families are blackmailed and terrorized but now it’s time to wake up from a deep sleep of ignorance. Media and government is silent on this matter, police is taking no significant action because people have suppressed their voices. Face the fear to fight for the justice.

We need to take some steps on our own to protect our children. The first principle is to be open to your children. Make them aware of certain things so that they can detect the negative vibes of people around them. Let them feel free to share their private life. Never let your child go out alone, especially, a girl with your servant or even with your male friends or relatives. Keep an eye on them and the people they are in contact. Never ignore any unusual activity, complaint or response of your child. We need to create awareness programs on electronic and social media. We should train our children for self-defense from a very early stage. Campaigns especially in rural areas should be held to train children.

It’s time to break all barriers of injustice. It’s an appeal to government from all over Pakistan to save our children and hang all those culprits publicly as they have made our children a joke in public. We want those policemen fired and punished who did not take any action even after complaints of some families. They are equally criminals in this outrageous act. We want all those people exposed with the help of whom these criminals are roaming freely. We want the whole racket exposed. Set an example so that no one dares to snatch the happiness of our children. Everyone should raise their voice until the last child is given justice. Let’s unitedly break the hand who touches you obscenely, punch the eye who looks at you with filth and pull the tongue who threatens you. One voice won’t be enough but millions voices will definitely overpower such inexcusable acts. Save our future! Save Pakistan!

Blogger: Khadija Khan