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October 18, 2019
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Critical comment: PTI govt disowns its own spokesman on economy Farrukh Saleem

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Tahreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government has disowned its own spokesman on Energy and Economy Dr Farrukh Saleem after the later criticized government’s handling of the current economic crisis in a TV talk show.

In a TV programme, Dr Farrukh Saleem had said that the government instead of treating the diseases was trying to suppress and hide the symptoms of the disease.

He had said that the country’s current account deficit was widening and the trade deficit was also swelling. Due to this, the government was compelled to rush to its allies to secure bailout packages to avoid a balance of payment crisis.

This statement led the senior analyst and commentator Mosharraf Zaidi to take to Twitter and expressed his surprise.

Mosharraf Zaidi along with the video clip of Dr Saleem tweeted: “unbelievable.

The official govt spokesperson on economic issues basically says the government does not know what it is doing, has no plan to fix it, and should come up w an alternative plan. Not PML-N, not PPP, not a foreigner, not a lifafa. Actual, official spokesperson…”

Zaidi’s tweet compelled Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Fawad Chaudry to respond. But the response of Chaudhry was more surprising than the admission of spokesman on energy and economy.

Responding to Zaidi, Fawad Chaudhry refused to accept the status of Farrukh Saleem as government’s spokesman.

The Minister said that he had never appointed as federal government’s spokesman on energy and economy.

Chary tweeted: “Clarification is needed @SaleemFarrukh is not a spokesperson of the government. We ought to have appointed Dr sb Govt’s Spokesperson on the economy but later it transpired that PM office has banned any hirings so his Appointment could never transpire, he is free to have any opinion.”

Fawad’s tweet went viral and people took to Twitter and Facebook to express their utter surprise over they said the non-serious attitude of the government and its different high officials.