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October 16, 2019
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After 18 years in Israel prison, Palestinian man gives wife gift he bought before detention

GAZA:  After languishing 18 long years in an Israeli prison, a Palestinian man managed to give his wife the present he bought her before detention.

Imad Al-Din Al-Saftawi was arrested by Israeli forces some 18 years ago when he was returning to Gaza through Rafah crossing from Dubai.  He had bought a present for his wife from Dubai but could not give her as he was arrested on his way back home.

He kept the gift he bought his wife, a state of the art Nokia mobile phone, with him throughout his time in jail in the hopes of giving it to her.

After his release on 12 December, he was returned his possessions, including the phone.

His teenage daughter tweeted about her father giving her mother the gift and the story has since gone viral on social media.