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October 24, 2019
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Sudan Advised to normalize ties with Israel to have stability: President Bashir

KHARTOUM: Sudan President Omar Al-Bashir was advised to normalize relations with Israel to have stability in the country.

According to Israeli newspapers, Haaretz,  Omar Al-Bashir during a meeting with religious leaders revealed he had been advised to normalize ties with the Jewish state.

The Sudanese did not elaborate who gave the advice. However, President Bashir was quoted by the papers as telling the religious leader that Sudan is in the hands of Allah Almighty.

Widespread protests broke out in Sudan after the government decide to triple bread prices from one Sudanese pound ($0.02) to three Sudanese pounds ($0.063).

Following the stoppage of state-funded imports of wheat, food prices have gone up in the African country.

Sudan is facing a financial crisis in recent years, with a balance of payment issue, which led Sudanese pound to shed value against the dollar.

Despite the lifting of US economic sanctions last year, international banks have continued to be wary of doing business with financial institutions in the country.

In November reports surfaced that Israeli and Sudanese representatives held a secret meeting in Istanbul, Turkey, in 2017 to discuss diplomatic relations in exchange for Israeli aid to Sudan.