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October 21, 2019
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Under supervision of Forensic Department “Mortuary” Re-renovation at DUHS

KARACHI: Police Surgeon Office and Forensic Medicine Department of Dow University of Health Sciences have jointly proposed the Government of Sindh to grant a special permission to the demonstrator of Forensic Medicine Department to conduct postmortem in medico legal cases. This proposal, after rebuilding the mortuary, which is administered by the Department of Forensic Medicine at Dow University, was given by Police Surgeon, Karachi, Dr. Aijaz Ali Khokhar, Assistant Police Surgeon Qarar Ali Abbasi and others.

Prior to this, the Head of the Department of Forensic Medicine, Prof. Dr. Syed Mukarram Ali welcomed him at the meeting. He told that the mortuary was rebuilt and upgraded as per the recommendation of the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Mohammed Saeed Quraishy. In the meeting organized on this occasion, the participants said that new doctors are less concerned and not interested in entering in the medico legal sector while with the passage of time, senior MLOs are getting retired. If the current situation persists, there would be a lack of Medico legal Officers in this sector in the coming future.

Prof. Mukarram Ali added that Training Sessions should be held at regular basis in collaboration with the Professional Development Center established at teaching hospitals. However, the Forensic Medicine Department along with the Police Surgeon Department can play their role for academic certification.

Police Surgeon, Karachi, Aijaz Ali Khokar said that Medico legal Reform Committee in the Health Department of Government of Sindh has recommended to form a Central Directorate to improve the functionality of Medico legal System in Karachi. Describing the details of other members of the Reform Committee, he said that Prof. Farhat Mirza from Jinnah Sindh Medical University, head of Forensic Department Prof. Akbar Qazi from Liaquat Medical University, Assistant Police Surgeon Qarar Ali Abbasi, Senior Lady MLO Dr. Samia and others are part of this committee.

He told that it is also recommended by the Reform Committee that all the documents and procedures of medical legal be levied at the level of the uniform basis because at this time, every district has different documents and their own methods. After the formation of such a system, official record should be compiled and maintained in the Central Directorate at Karachi. The members of the meeting agreed to run the jointly constructed mortuary of the Forensic Department and Police Surgeon Office.