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October 24, 2019
Amazing Latest Pakistan

Meet young novelist Hamza Khurram who wrote his first book at the age of 11

KARACHI: Writing a 220-page novel at the age of 11, that too in the English sounds unbelievable in this part of the world. But this is a reality and the feat was achieved by Hamza Khurram, when he wrote his first book.

At an age when most of the boys love to play video games, music or do similar things, Hamza achieved the marvelous feat.

He wrote his first novel, ‘Protectors of the Grale’ within six months. Son of renowned author, historian and Iqbal scholar Khurram Ali Shafique and Bushra Khurram, a professor of English literature at Karachi University, Hamza found books around him from the very early age.

“I’m very glad he’s writing, especially that he’s writing very different kinds of books than what I write, so no one can say he was forced into it,” Hamza’s father Khurram Shafique said in an interview when Hamza’s first novel was published.

Hamza said that writing for him was just a hobby.

“I’m interested in science and history, I wanted to be a scientist when I was younger,” Hamza added.

“My advice to other writers would be to not tell anyone what you’re doing. There is little chance of being discouraged when no one knows what you’re up to. Only a select few knew that he was writing the novel,” the young novelist had said earlier.