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October 21, 2019
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Govt clarifies Israeli citizen can’t get visa to Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: The government has clarified that Israeli citizens cannot visit Pakistan as the country does not recognize the Jewish state.

A federal government spokesman said that the Israeli citizens can’t get visa to Pakistan, Recently Israel ‘mistakenly’ listed on an official website among countries whose citizens could travel to Pakistan.

The spokesman clarified that Pakistan did not have diplomatic relations with Israel and hence the giving visa to its citizens is out of the question.

Last week, a Federal Investigations Agency (FIA) official had said that the Immigration and Passports office had recently mistakenly listed ‘Israel’ among the countries whose citizens needed to go through special checks in order to visit Pakistan.

The appearance of the list on the website created a hype because there are no diplomatic ties between the two countries.

But despite the government statement and clarifications, the list is still available on the FIA website and shows Israel as one of seven countries whose citizens would need to undergo special police registration if they visited Pakistan.

The other countries are India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nigeria, Somalia and Palestine.

“A Government spokesperson has denied a misleading news item carried by a section of press regarding provision of visa facility to Israeli citizens on arrival at Pakistani airports,” the PID statement said.