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October 23, 2019
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Man who raped Pakistani woman at Dubai Park goes on trial

DUBAI: A man who allegedly kidnapped a woman from a park in Dubai and then raped her was charged in a local court.

According to the prosecutors, the 46-year-old Bangladeshi man impersonated him as an employee of Dubai Municipality and asked a Pakistani woman sitting at the park to accompany him to the police station, otherwise, he would fine him Dh 500.

The man was formally indicted on the charges of kidnapping, rape, sexual assault and impersonation of a public employee. The accused pleaded non-guilty and opted to contest the charges.

The prosecutors sought maximum punishment under the law for the accused.

A case was registered on October 6 at the port police centre.

The victim, a 22-year-old woman on a visit visa, said that she did not know the defendant prior to the incident.

She said that she had come to UAE to visit his sister and search for a job.

The victim said she was walking with her boyfriend on Al Mamzar beach at 6 pm when the defendant approached them. “He showed us a card bearing his photo, claiming he was a municipality employee, and asked what we were doing there and about the nature of the relations between me and my friend. He told me to accompany him to the police station and that he would fine us Dh 500. My boyfriend went to his car to bring his ID.”

She added that the accused made her climb the park fence and told her not to argue with him as he was a government employee.

“He made me walk on rocks in a dark place, which was very dangerous until we reached a sandy and remote location. I asked him to leave me alone but he then gagged me, pulled my hair and threatened to kill me and throw me in the sea.”

In her testimony, she said that the accused ordered her to keep quiet. She said that the accused raped and sexually assaulted her.

A forensic report confirmed the victim was raped by the defendant.

The accused was medically checked-up at the Dubai police health centre and he was confirmed to have hepatitis B.  The next hearing is set for January 24.