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October 16, 2019
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Punjab govt not to celebrate Basant this year

LAHORE: Punjab government has taken back it’s earlier decision to celebrate Basant festival this year.

The provincial government while reversing its earlier decision said that the provincial administration was not fully prepared to make the event a safe activity in terms of the threat to human life and the damage to civic infrastructure that have occurred in the past.

The Punjab government announced last month to celebrate the cultural festival of Basant this year after a gap of about 10 years.

The celebration was banned by the previous PML-N government after many deaths were caused by the glass-coated kite string.

On Wednesday, the senior minister chaired a committee meeting and decided that much had to be achieved in terms of law enforcement before Basant celebrations could be allowed.

In the wake of safety concerns for the general public, the senior minister said that the government needed to equip itself to dealing with the holding of the event in a peaceful and safe environment, so that there was no threat to the public, or civic issues such as the disruption of or damage to the power supply infrastructure.