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October 17, 2019
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Lawyer claims CTD, agencies officials threatening family of Sahiwal ‘encounter’ victims

LAHORE: A lawyer, representing the family of Sahiwal ‘encounter’ victims, has claimed that the family of Khalil is facing life threats as CTD and agencies are threatening the family.

Talking to media, lawyer Syed Shahbaz Bukhari said that the family of the victims is facing serious life threats and CTD officials are pressuring the family not to pursue the case.

He demanded that security be provided to his clients. He said that he received a phone call from a senior CTD officer, who informed him (lawyer) that the agencies were not happy with him.

He said that he and Khalil’s family had already informed the Chief City Police Officer and the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) about the threats.

Bukhair presented a recorded telephonic call he received purportedly from a senior CTD officer. The official can be heard advising the lawyer to step back from the case, saying that agencies were not happy from his role.

He added that he had handed over the recording of the telephonic conversation with the CTD official to the JIT probing into the Sahiwal encounter.