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Indigenous artist shares her culture, Kalkadoon surroundings through paintings

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MOUNT ISA, Australia: Indigenous artist, Glenda McCulloch, shares her culture and Kalkadoon surroundings with people all over the world through her paintings on covered concretes
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Australia’s strongest man contemplated, attempted suicide – speaks out on World Mental Health Day

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CANBERRA, Australia: Elite athlete and Guinness Book record holder for the world’s strongest man also dubbed Australia’s strongest man, Grant Edwards, confessed on World Mental
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Banksy’s ‘Devolved Parliament’ painting auctioned at $12.1 million

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LONDON, UK: The world’s most famous street artist, Banksy, is now officially one of the world’s most expensive artists as well, as his satirical painting
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‘Minutes of life lost’ counter on cigarettes to help quit smoking

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QUEENSLAND, Australia: University researchers have found ‘minutes of life lost’ counter on cigarettes more effective and impactful than packet warnings. Queensland’s James Cook University research
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Lebanese PM gifted $16 million to South African bikini model

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BEIRUT, Lebanon: The prime minister of Lebanon gave more than $16 million to a South African bikini model as a gift, according to court documents.
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British govt seizes skin-lightening products containing cancer causing chemicals

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LONDON, UK: British government warns consumers to avoid skin lightening products “at all costs” as a quarter tonne products from Cameroon were seized at Gatwick