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October 18, 2019


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British Museum to return artifacts to Indigenous Australians

Humna Mehwish
MANCHESTER, UK: Manchester Museum will return several sacred artifacts to indigenous Australians after almost a century of possession. The repatriation of 43 ceremonial objects is
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Malmsbury Youth Justice Centre locked down after violent assaults on staff

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MALMSBURY, Australia:  Youth justice workers in central Victoria have stopped work after a series of attacks over months leaving one worker with severe head injuries
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Students leave school: one forced to kiss another boy’s shoe, another called “vermin”

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MELBOURNE, Australia: A school student was forced to kiss the shoe of another boy in fear of getting beaten up, while another was cussed every
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Huawei ban deepens Australia-China rift

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CANBERRA, Australia: Chinese telecom giant Huawei has been banned by Australian government for its alleged involvement in its future 5G networks. “Australia is actually ahead
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‘Minutes of life lost’ counter on cigarettes to help quit smoking

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QUEENSLAND, Australia: University researchers have found ‘minutes of life lost’ counter on cigarettes more effective and impactful than packet warnings. Queensland’s James Cook University research